Medical Procedure Escorts

Air Escorts, Police Officers, Female & Male Available for Unaccompanied Minors & Special Needs

We also provide Medical Procedure Escorts who can escort patients via (commercial or private) plane or vehicle from any state, to or from New York. Please note: Our male and female Police Officer/ law enforcement escorts have signed non-disclosure agreements and are willing to sign yours.

Our Medical Procedure Escorts can then become your chauffeur and personal assistant while at your service.  This service has also been used by people who are concerned about their elderly parents traveling without assistance.  People who are physically disabled or visually impaired would also benefit from our law enforcement air escort service while commuting across country.


Police Chaperone Service & Child Escort

Our escorts can provide services for unaccompanied minors who need to fly across the country.  We can provide male and female, active and retired police officers and other service professionals to escort your child safely throughout the country.

Our law enforcement escorts can also provide chaperone services for child entertainers or children of public figures as they escort them across country or internationally. We will protect your child’s interest and yours. All ages welcome, though some (very young) will require a nanny.